Cryptosocial: Inauguration

We talked and demoed stuff for about 2.5 hours:
Byron did some phenomenal demoing of Qubes OS especially showing off how all of the VMs interact together, and we did some testing with quarantining USBs ->
Justin and Jay from Crash were nice enough to demonstrate and confirm that EXIF data especially geolocation is stripped from photos taken from within Signal (it doesn’t work if you take a photo with the normal camera and send it with signal)
We had some rambling conversations about FB and GDPR (, what VPNs block (ISPs sniffing) and data expiration / retention standards (we need more data retention controls and explicit times up front from data controllers!)
How to cross the USA border and what you can and can’t say (thanks Lee for the link), go watch this talk!
Byron had a setup where we could search for our old usernames and account names and see if we had been pwned, similar to (turns out I have been!!! [panic])