Consorting Cryptos: Removing the Training Wheels

README and LA Cryptoparty invite you to learn how to inspire and train your fellow humans in the dark arts of privacy, security, and anonymity through the form of the cryptoparty. Rank up and gain skillz to lead discussions on why digital privacy and security matters (it does!) through teaching methods such as performance, roll play, and threat modeling. We will run through past events organized by LA Cryptoparty, share strategies and resources for teaching annoyingly technical material, and collectively brainstorm how to adapt the cryptoparty format to support different communities.

Nothing is required but an alias. A laptop will help, a burner phone could reduce the chances, and a costume or mask will never be frowned upon.

Though we are talking about training trainers, all levels of 1337 hacker skillz are welcome.

README <> advocates for digital rights including privacy, security, access, and intellectual freedom within libraries, archives, and information work.

LA Cryptoparty <> has been bringing the party back to cryptoparty in the Los Angeles since 2013.