Protective Protest Training Center: Pop-Up @ Actual Size

A hub for digital security training and tools for protesters in Los Angeles.
Drop-in anytime throughout the day for free training and equipment for protecting your digital devices and identities.

Saturday, June 6, 2020
11am – 5pm

Actual Size Los Angeles
741 New High St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Your cellphone is tracking you, your images have GPS coordinates embedded in them. If you are thinking of protesting you need to know how to lock down your devices so you don’t compromise yourself or anyone you document at an event. LAPD and The National Guard have the capabilities to track your cell phones and monitor your SMS messages in real time with cell site simulator devices.Β 

Resistant Systems will also share tools and best practices for researching anonymously and protecting your communications between organizers. You need to be just as safe at home as you are at the protest.

At this training center you will be able to:

  • learn about how to protect yourself from being spied on and tracked while protesting
  • make sure those you record on video or photos are safe through techniques of metadata scrubbing and obfuscation
  • create your own signal blocking pouch for your cell phone
  • pickup zines for best practices for recording the cops
  • grab your own copy of The Manual of Digital Resistance which will teach you how to be safe while being an activist online
  • pocket a copy of a TAILS USB sticks for rebooting your laptop into a fully anonymous mode
  • roll the dice on our password kit will help you make unbreakable passphrases to secure your devices

Masks and social distancing standards will be required for entering the gallery.