Cell Phone Safe! @ SPACES in Cleveland

LA Cryptoparty will be at the Republican National Convention holding office hours at SPACES Gallery. Anyone is welcome to drop in and get a free Digital Privacy Audit focused on safely using a cell phone during events and protests as well as sew their own signal blocking pouch for safe prophylactic use of a cell phone.

Download the flyer and pass it around at an event!

1 - 4 pm

July 18, 19, 20th

SPACES Gallery

2220 Superior Viaduct

Cleveland, OH 44113

Cell Phone Safe!

  • Protect yourself and your digital information!
  • Phones are great for documenting and communicating, but can be used to track you just by having them ON (cellphone towers). You might want to leave it at home —  your life is on that phone.
  • If you are going to carry one, use a signal blocking pouch.
  • Make a free signal blocking pouch during digital audit office hours:

Other tips!

  • Use at LEAST at 6 digit pin code on your phone, better to use 8-12 characters
  • Do NOT use a finger print unlock.
  • Make sure your phone uses encryption.
  • Encrypt your messages! Use Signal App instead of txt messaging.
  • Carry a cheap pay as you go phone instead of your main phone.
  • Do not give out your password or give anyone permission to unlock your device.
  • Plan a pre-arranged call with your buddy after an event.

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